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Biofabrik’s modular WASTX Plastic technology transforms plastic waste into recycling oil – which gets back into the raw material cycle as a basis for recycled plastics. This turns problematic waste into a valuable raw material. A problematic waste material becomes a valuable product

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Decentralized recycling of plastic waste

Biofabrik’s modular WASTX Plastic technology transforms plastic waste into recycling oil – which gets back into the raw material cycle as basis for recycled plastics.
Decentralized recycling of plastic waste A problematic waste material becomes a valuable product

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It Always Seems Impossible Until It Is Accomplished

It took us more than 7 years of tireless work. Again and again we were told that it would not be possible – but now WASTX Plastic is entering serial production. In the following video you will get exclusive insights into the commissioning of the pilot plant:

Extremely efficient

1 kilogram of plastic waste
becomes 1 liter of recycled oil


A problematic waste material becomes a valuable product

Unlimited scalability

Modules can be connected in
series without any problems

140 Million Tons of Plastic Waste per Year

In the last two decades alone, mankind has produced more plastic than in the entire 20th century. Almost half of this plastic is used only once and then thrown away, according to the researchers in National Geographic. If development remains unchanged, there could be more plastic in our oceans than fish by 2050.

We Have Come Across Oil. All Over the World

The containerized, fully automated and highly profitable WASTX Plastic is capable of transforming plastic waste back into its liquid form: Oil. Each WASTX Plastic processes up to 1,000 kilograms of plastic waste per day and module.



The WASTX Plastic is container-based and designed to be applied anywhere.

Fully automated

The control technology has been perfected through years of development.

Remote monitoring

Worldwide delivery and support through a strong partner network.

Continuous Entry System

The patent-pending material feed system allows continuous feed of the plastic waste while excluding oxygen. The previously shredded material is thereby fed fully automatically as required.

Smart Reactor

Thanks to the WASTX reactor, for which a patent has also been filed, multi-layer packaging and contaminated plastics can also be processed. Due to the high temperatures, the solid hydrocarbon compounds of the plastics decompose and rise upward in gaseous form, while interfering substances such as metals are discharged downward.

Utilization of Oil and Gas

In a special, multi-stage condensation process, the gaseous hydrocarbons are returned to their liquid phase. Around 85% of the plastics entered can thus be recovered as recycled oil. The approximately 12 % gas is used for power generation.

Hardly Any Residual Materials

The residual materials are conveyed via a cooling section into the gas-tight lockable residual material container. Contained metals can be sorted out, and the residual ash can be used for bitumen production, for example.

Fully Automated

The intelligent control system of the WASTX Plastic ensures the highest safety standards and easy operation. Manual operation is limited to a simple start/stop button in everyday use. Remote monitoring and predictive maintenance ensure the highest possible plant reliability.

Continuous entry system
Smart reactor
Utilization of oil
and gas
Hardly any residual materials
Fully automated

Fields of Application

Coatings and contaminants often make mechanical plastic recycling difficult or impossible. In most cases, the only option is landfill or incineration. WASTX Plastic’s patent-pending chemical recycling process is particularly immune to interfering materials and precisely targets the types of plastic that make up the bulk of today’s plastic waste problem.

Packaging materials


Possible impurities, contamination and frequent use in the single-use sector limit the possibility of mechanical recycling and are thus reasons for the low recycling rates of polyolefins (Schyns et. al, 2020). With the WASTX Plastic, impurities are reduced in the pretreatment stage. Thus, the material stream including the residual impurities is processed into high-quality oil in the reactor.

Pyrolysis Oil Polyolefin Recycling
supermarket counter full of plastic-packaged vegetables


According to the Federal Environment Agency, around 85% of all plastic waste in Germany is so-called post-consumer waste, which generally cannot be recycled mechanically. Due to the patent-pending reactor design, the WASTX Plastic is also able to process multi-layer films and contaminants such as paper labels and food residues.

Agricultural foil

Agricultural Foil

High levels of contamination and moisture make it difficult to recycle the polyolefin based foil, which is why they are usually incinerated or landfilled. Thanks to the modular design of the WASTX Plastic, impurities and moisture can be minimized already in the pretreatment stage and remaining residues do not interfere with the robust chemical recycling process.

process of covering agricultural fields in foil

Hard plastic

hard plastic items organized by color

Hard Plastic

The modular design of the WASTX Plastic allows individual pretreatment depending on the starting material. An upstream granulator also reduces hard plastic to the particle size required for the core process. The technology can thus be adapted to the requirements of the site and still remain easily scalable.

Ocean plastic

Ocean Plastic

Every year, about 10 million tons of plastic waste end up in our oceans – roughly equivalent to one truckload per minute. Solar radiation and decomposition often make mechanical recycling of marine plastics impossible. Chemical recycling offers a way to return even heavily deteriorated plastic to the raw material cycle.

old fishing nets infront of the ocean

Customized solutions

Full shot of WASTX recycling plant

Customized Solutions

With an engineering team composed of the top talent in the industry, we are capable of completing projects of any size. The result is customized turnkey recycling plants including site, infrastructure and safety planning, detailed engineering, installation and consulting.

Our Clients are Convinced

QMRE Tim StClair-Pearce
QMRE Logo White

Of all the people who saw the plant (WASTX Plastic P250), there was not a single person who was not surprised by the way the plant runs, how cleanly it operates, and the fact that we consistently run it on 70% of our own power, even without the oil we generate in the system.

Tim StClair-Pearce

Think Global, Act Local –
Our Worldwide Family

With certified partners in 36 countries to date, our customers receive on-site, all-round service from a single source – in the local language, with fast service times and trained by us in Germany. We are currently represented in the following countries:

Local contacts and technicians



Service and maintenance

Updates and networking

Demonstration site

Local contacts and technicians



Service and maintenance

Updates and networking

Demonstration site

In addition to internationally active distributors, we are also looking for development partners for our global series production. Here you can apply for our recurring partner event:

WASTX Plastic and environmental protection

Protection From Plastic Pollution

With the help of our technologists, we protect both marine and terrestrial ecosystems from plastic pollution.

Circular Economy

By closing the material loop for plastics, the technology contributes to the implementation of the circular economy.

Climate Protection

Reducing CO2 emissions by providing an alternative to traditional disposal methods such as incineration reduces CO2 pollution.


Most frequent questions and answers

Despite the high demand, our current production time is only about 4 months plus shipping. However, the estimated time may vary and the latest estimate will be included in your individual quote. You can always contact our sales department for a more detailed delivery schedule depending on their market area.

Only one person is needed to shred the plastic waste, and the rest of the process is fully automated. Maintenance should preferably be performed by a mechanical engineer. However, a person with a technical degree or experience in the field will also be sufficient.

We also offer additional training. You can monitor the machine from the preferred device from any place that has an internet connection. For safety reasons and due to machine learning (systems around the world learn from each other), we also monitor the machine from our headquarters in Germany.

This depends on the legislation of each country. In Germany, for example the legislation is considered strict. There, permits are required from local building authorities and environmental authorities, as well as a waste management license. However, our team of distributors is happy to provide country-specific support.

If a storage place is not available anyway, we offer one or more containers as storage facilities for the raw material. For pricing options, depending on your unique needs, please feel free to contact our sales team at sales@biofabrik.com at any time.

In addition to these, there must also be a tank in which to collect the oil produced. The tank is currently not available for purchase through Biofabrik.

The oil is a light hydrocarbon, similar to diesel. However, the exact composition of the WASTX Plastic output always depends on the input material. To ensure the processability of the input material, we will be happy to provide you with an individual feedstock analysis upon request.

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