A new way for used oil

Biofabrik’s WASTX Oil makes it possible to recycle liquid residues such as waste oil, used diesel and heating oil residues, as well as kerosene and marine oils, in a decentralized and highly profitable manner.

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Mit der WASTX Oil der Biofabrik wird es möglich, flüssige Reststoffe wie Altöl, Altdiesel und Heizölreste, aber auch Kerosin und Schifffahrtsöle dezentral und hoch-profitabel zu recyceln.

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Hydrocarbon Engineering white
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Turn old into new

In the WASTX Oil reactor (patent pending), waste materials containing oil are vaporized within milliseconds. Contaminants contained in the oil precipitate to the bottom, while the gas that rises to the top is reliquefied in a special rectification column.
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WASTX Oil operates where the residual oils are generated or collected.

Fully automated

The control technology has been perfected through years of development.

Remote monitoring

Worldwide delivery and support through a strong partner network.

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Recycle residual oils sustainably

Worldwide, 25 million tons of waste oil are generated each year. This equals a chain of tanker trucks strung together from the North Pole to the South Pole. Even in countries with an infrastructure for the disposal of waste oils, these valuable oils are usually simply used as substitute fuel instead of being returned to the material cycle.

Extremely efficient

From 1 liter of waste oil up to 0.9 liters of recycled oil


A problematic waste material becomes a valuable product

Unlimited scalability

Up to 2,500 liters per day and module, scalable as requested

Areas of application

Mineral oils become contaminated with various impurities in the course of their lifetime. In WASTX Oil’s patent-pending process, these contaminants precipitate downward, while the oil first rises as a gas and is then liquefied again. A critical waste material thus becomes a valuable raw material again.

Waste oil recycling

Waste oil recycling

Waste oils from shipping, heavy industry, workshops, wind farms and many other industries that generate large quantities of waste oil can also be recycled with the WASTX-Oil and returned to the raw material cycle.
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Tank cleaning

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Tank cleaning

Over time, sludge accumulates in storage tanks for heating oil and diesel, which must be removed regularly and usually disposed of at a charge. With the WASTX-Oil, these oil fractions can be recycled, decentralized and highly profitable.

Kerosene disposal

Kerosene disposal

Our technology offers airports and airport waste disposal companies an alternative to simply burning waste kerosene. The WASTX-Oil transforms waste kerosene into a high-grade middle distillate and a naphtha-like fraction, which is returned to the raw material cycle.

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Customized solutions

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Customized solutions

With many years of experience, our engineering team is able to realize projects of any size. The result is customized turnkey recycling plants including site, infrastructure and safety planning, detailed engineering, installation and consulting.

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WASTX Oil and environmental protection

Protect ecosystems

With decentralized oil recycling facilities, we protect both marine and terrestrial ecosystems from oil contamination.

Circular economy

By closing the material cycle for oil, the technology contributes to the implementation of the circular economy.

Sustainable production

With our technology, we increase the recycling rate and create alternatives to fossil resources.


Frequently asked questions

You can contact our sales team at any time. They will explain in more detail the different financing options for our technologies. Part of this team are the direct employees of Biofabrik as well as the contact persons of the worldwide distributor network. The configuration of the plant is done according to the type and amount of material you plan to recycle with the plant. Further details and the individual delivery offer can be discussed with your sales representative.

Sales targets will be discussed when Biofabrik and the potential distributor reach the stage of signing a contract to become a distributor. Each individual sales target depends on the specifications of the market area for which you wish to be a distributor and will be discussed at the time of signing the contract.

This depends on the legislation of the respective country. Therefore, local building and environmental authorities must be contacted. For more information, please contact our sales department.

Yes, both the WASTX Plastic and WASTX Oil plants are built in a sea container, which makes them resistant to any weather conditions. If you have special requirements, please contact our sales team with your questions.

Maintenance should be performed every 90 days, during which the plant must be cleaned. In addition, a one-week maintenance of the system should be performed once a year.

Our sales department can give you more detailed guidance according to your purchase request.

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