Saving the world pays off.

What if it suddenly became more lucrative to improve our world instead of destroying it? A cornerstone of our philosophy is to make sustainable alternatives more financially attractive than previous, non-sustainable solutions.

This simultaneously stops negative spirals, triggers positive spirals and enables our technologies to spread as quickly as possible. Invest with us in a clean future and receive above-average returns. 

Saving the world pays off.

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In order to solve the environmental challenges of our time, green investments must become the new normal. Therefore, our think tank at Biofabrik develops green technologies and solutions from the idea to series production, and then translates them into both impactful and profitable business models. 

Starting from 1,000 € you can support our sustainable technologies and join us on our way to a clean future. Depending on your desired investment volume, we offer different opportunities. To find the perfect contact for your individual case, please choose your desired option below: 

Starting from 1,000 €:
Stocks and bonds

Invest in WASTX plants at Germany’s largest facility for chemical recycling, operated by our partner Enespa. Thus, even small amounts add up and lead to a big difference. 

Starting from 500,000 €: Managed plant

Get your own WASTX Plastic without needing to operate it. We’ll match you with the right company to operate your plant in managed service model that’s highly attractive for both parties. 

Starting from 2 Million: Individual Investments

If you are looking to invest larger funds, further possibilities like financing of large-scale projects or direct investments in one of our technologies open up. 

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