Impact Family - We help Green Tech Startups grow faster

After more than 10 years of developing our own technologies, we know how hard the road for hardware start-ups can be. That’s why we want to share the network and experience we’ve built up over many years with those who really want to make a difference.

Biofabrik Impact Family

The world needs Green Tech.

Our world is about to change radically. Within the next 10 years, technologies of carbon capturing, electricity and heat storage, development of new resources, resource efficiency, smart and clean energy will determine whether an ecological decoupling of growth can keep climate change and resource depletion under control.

At Biofabrik we fight for this and support revolutionary green tech projects in order to achieve a real impact even faster. We believe that there are many ways to shape the future, but that we need hardware innovations in particular to solve the critical environmental challenges of our time. 

That’s why our unique Green Tech Accelerator program focuses on the specific needs and challenges of hardware start-ups, which typically require much more time and resources to build and even after several years of development, are often still considered early stage by investors.

And indeed, we know from our own experience that developing great technologies is only half the battle. In order to make a real difference, you also need to build an infrastructure that enables you to handle international sales and commissioning, service and maintenance as well as a scalable series-production without loosing your liquidity.

What we offer

Marketing and Sales

Profit from our experience in setting up effective outbound and inbound marketing campaigns​

International distributor network

Our international distributor network helps you roll out your solution all over the world fast.

Commissioning and Support Teams

With the help of our international tech teams, setting up and maintaining facilities becomes easy

Pre-financed series production

Effortlessly scale your series production and pay only after your customers have paid you.


With our strong financing partners, you can lower the entry barrier for your customers.​

Partner network​

Access our large network of suppliers and service providers that we built up through trial and error

What we are looking for

WASTX Plastic Input Output

Significant Environmental Impact

Decentralized technologies that make a real difference to current environmental problems.

WASTX Oil geht in Serie

Market-ready hardware startups

Hardware start-ups shortly before or shortly after market maturity with a prototype ready for viewing.

CEO B2Square Frank Albrecht


Founding personalities and teams crazy enough to believe they can change the world.

Case Study: B2Square

The production of bitumen, the binder in asphalt, generates more than 30 megatons of CO2 per year. 

The bitumen developed by B2Square from natural components turns one of the largest sources of CO2 into one of the largest CO2 sinks in the world. 

The international rollout is now taking place in cooperation with Biofabrik.

Let's make an impact. Together.

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