The WASTX Cleanic is a decontamination plant that turns hazardous waste such as used medical supplies into safe residual waste. The result: a significant cost and time reduction for hospitals, labs & many more.

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Hazardous waste disposal
is dangerous & 7-10 times
more expensive*

*compared to regular household waste

Medical waste, including sharp and biohazardous materials, requires careful handling, treatment, and disposal, to prevent environmental and health consequences. Consequently, hazardous waste management is complex and significantly more expensive. Additionally, the disposal is often done via incineration, resulting in toxic emissions and CO₂ pollution.

Hazardous waste bag

In-house Decontamination
as the Solution

Neutralising all germs, viruses and bacteria on site offers an enormous economic added value: Cost-intensive transport of dangerous goods is no longer necessary which also serves an enormous CO₂ saving potential. In addition, cross-contamination is excluded.

Variety of hazardous &
non-hazardous waste

WASTX Cleanic

WASTX Cleanic relies on a smart technology and sustainability: hazardous waste is mechanically shredded and sterilised directly on site with zero chemicals and emissions. The resulting output is completely decontaminated and easily-disposable as residual waste.

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On-Site Solution

A compact, on-site solution, saving logistic costs from waste transportation

Variety of Feedstocks

Processing of infectious medical supplies, pills, pathological waste to fluids and food

97% Volume Reduction

With a volume reduction of up to 97%, costs, energy and time are saved enormously

Shredded “Household” Waste

The achieved output is fully decontaminated and finely shredded. It can be disposed of traditionally and safely or can be used for alternative material cycles, closing the loop

WASTX Cleanic output

1 WASTX Cleanic =


in 10 minutes


in 20 minutes

Up to

kg infectious waste per cycle

The technology is recognized as a certified process by the German Robert Koch Institute, with a Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) surpassing the standards of WHO.

WASTX Cleanic Series

Multiple Capacities:
from 135 to 2.500 liters

The WASTX Cleanic series offers a comprehensive range of models to address the varied needs of modern waste sterilization, including compact, medium, large, and oversized options. This versatile product line is tailored according to your case.

Areas of Application

Medical Centres

Medical Centres

The WASTX Cleanic technology is a crucial asset for decontaminating hazardous waste in various high-risk settings, including hospitals, medical practices, and medical centers. Its adaptability extends to laboratories, veterinarian facilities, and even military services.



The WASTX Cleanic technology extends its vital role beyond healthcare settings, offering a crucial solution for treating hazardous waste in diverse environments. From airports and hotels to cruise ships, it ensures professional and environmentally friendly decontamination, addressing the imperative need for responsible waste management.

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