The world’s oldest packaging company invests in White Refinery

Systems project WASTX Plastic

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The packaging company SchurStarSystems, founded in 1846, invests in the bio factory White Refinery. After its completion, the plant will convert the production residues of the main plant into energy and, after a successful test phase, will be used worldwide. The cooperation represents an important step in the fight against plastic waste.

Strong cooperation for a clean future

Besides mutation and selection, cooperation is a central mechanism in the evolution of life. It has always been wise for small, innovative organisms to cooperate with larger partners in order to grow themselves. In today’s economy, this strategy takes on a new meaning: innovative young companies learn directly from practical experience during the prototype phase in order to obtain better, safer and cheaper products for everyone.

So far, this strategy has mainly applied to software or end-customer products. In industry, on the other hand, it has been customary to develop, approve, certify and test for years. This costs innovation speed, resources and competitive advantages. This is not the only reason why we are delighted to be cooperating with one of the world’s leading packaging companies: Schur Star Systems.

Founded 170 years ago in Denmark, the company now has more than 800 employees and locations in 5 countries and manufactures innovative packaging solutions for the food and beverage industries. for an infinite number of products, which each of us knows at least partly. However, Schur shares our conviction that we as a society cannot do without plastic yet, but that it is in our power of decision to think about how we deal with it.

Ecological and economical recycling of residual materials

White Refinery Schur will thus support Schur in not only operating its production facilities on two continents without waste, but also in producing large parts of the required production energy from its own residual materials. We also want to make production climate-neutral together – through reforestation, smart energy management and intelligent waste streams.

With this exclusive cooperation, Schur and the Biofabrik would like to show that it is indeed possible to combine economic interests with ecological ones – also and especially in an industry that processes plastic itself. After completion, the plant, which is already under construction, will convert all production residues from Schur’s packaging lines into electrical and thermal energy.

After successful test operation, the concept is to be transferred to all plants worldwide and improved jointly. For our partner, the use of our system at worldwide locations has even more advantages: The resulting quantities of material can be used automatically to generate energy and do not have to be stored, transported or disposed of – a rational and emotional competitive advantage.

We hope that the concept will serve plastic processing companies around the world as a blanket template for sustainable action. Follow our way there, learn about setbacks and how we will make it in the end.