Biofabrik and ERMAFA: Scalable Solutions for Infectious Waste

Our mission at Biofabrik is to develop and market innovative recycling technologies to sustainably address global environmental issues. In this context, we are delighted to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Ermafa Environmental Technologies GmbH.

A post by Sabine Tomm

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ERMAFA is renowned for its outstanding development and production of environmental technology solutions. With over 100 operational facilities achieving series maturity, they provide a robust foundation for the next technological leap toward our vision.

As a GreenTech ecosystem, we view this partnership as the perfect match. While Biofabrik focuses on multiplication, scaling, and marketing in global markets, ERMAFA’s experts specialize in hardware and software development.

This strategic alliance promises groundbreaking progress in GreenTech and lays the foundation for our shared success – starting with the WASTX Cleanic – powered by MACS, a decontamination plant transforming hazardous medical waste into non-hazardous household waste.

Healthcare waste is a global issue

In affluent countries, up to 11 kg of waste is generated per hospital bed per day, compared to up to 6 kg in poorer countries.

Moreover, in Germany alone, 15,000 blood transfusions are required daily, posing a significant challenge for sustainable waste management. In Western countries, the incineration of medical waste releases hazardous pathogens and CO₂, while improper disposal in landfills in developing countries adds to soil and water pollution.

Clear steps toward sustainable waste management are essential to reduce the negative impacts of medical waste. The WASTX Cleanic provides the necessary security.

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As the basis for developing WASTX technology, we have used insights from our operational ITDU technology in Norway, which converts drill cuttings into recycled oil. The concept of a modular containerized plastic recycling system stems from our German partner, Biofabrik, and this was the ultimate starting point for the WASTX solution we now proudly present to you. The team behind our successful ITDU project is now dedicated to bringing the new WASTX Plastic from concept to reality.

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Safe & cost-effective disposal of medical waste with WASTX Cleanic

WASTX Cleanic

The WASTX Cleanic is set to revolutionize the treatment of infectious waste. The technology utilizes steam in a special vacuum chamber to effectively kill viruses and bacteria – without the use of chemicals – and through on-site shredding, it achieves an impressive up to 97% reduction in waste volume.

The resulting residual waste can be easily and cost-effectively disposed of, significantly reducing CO₂ emissions by avoiding long deliveries to special waste incineration plants.

The WASTX Cleanic surpasses the World Health Organization’s (WHO) guidelines with SAL = 10⁻⁴⁸ by a wide margin. SAL stands for Sterility Assurance Level, measuring how safely a product has been sterilized. An SAL of 10⁻⁴⁸ means the probability of a single microorganism surviving is less than one in a trillion. This impressive level of sterility underscores the outstanding quality of the solution.

The technology impresses with its low maintenance requirements and user-friendliness. With the highest reliability and a long lifespan, this innovative plant offers outstanding efficiency. In addition to the positive environmental impact, the WASTX Cleanic also enables significant cost savings. Thanks to the WASTX Cleanic, cost savings in waste disposal, especially through sterilization, can reach up to 65%.

See for yourself with the WASTX Cleanic

The WASTX Cleanic is more than just technology – it’s a step towards sustainability in the healthcare sector. Witness the technology firsthand by visiting our presentation at the ZUKE Congress.