WASTX Plastic: Pilot series in full operation in the UK

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Video: The pilot series of WASTX Plastic at our distributor in Longfield, UK

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Biofabrik has officially arrived in the United Kingdom – our exclusive distributor on the Island received their first pilot plant! Check out our new video and blog post below from the delivery of the Pilot WASTX Plastic to Longfield, Kent!

“There has never been an easy way to recycle plastic, but Biofabrik makes it easy” 

– Tim StClaire-Pearce, QMRE

A new era of plastic recycling

A few weeks ago, our exclusive distributor for the UK, QM Recycled Energy (QMRE), received the first pilot batch of WASTX Plastic. The plant is now in full operation at the company’s site in Longfield, Kent.

QMRE sees huge potential in the UK recycling market for the WASTX Plastic, which is the first plastic recycling technology capable of processing plastic waste into recycled oil and energy in a modular, decentralized and fully automated way.

The UK is aiming to be a pioneer in tackling plastic waste and is increasingly regulating the disposal of plastic waste, implementing stricter rules every year. According to insiders in the plastic industry there are more than 46,000 landfills on the island in total, but only about 6,000 of them are registered.


Great Britain has huge plastic waste problem

“I was looking for ways to introduce chemical recycling to the UK because, as an island, we have a tremendous problem with plastic waste” – says QMRE’s managing director, Tim Pearce. After more than 40 years of experience with traditional plastic recycling, he was looking for another solution for the plastic waste issue.

“A colleague of mine told me about Biofabrik, and after a brief conversation with the CEO Oliver Riedel, I immediately placed an order for the WASTX Plastic pilot plant.” What convinced Tim to become a distributor so quickly? In his own words:

“This is a continuous technology, yet a small and compact machine that can be installed anywhere, anytime. Biofabrik is simply ahead of the rest of the world – they are the alternative solution for plastic waste.” The BBC also reported on the arrival of WASTX Plastic in the United Kingdom:


Bringing the solution to the problem – not the other way around

Despite being one of the most innovative and green-minded countries in Europe, only 9 % of the plastic waste that is collected is recycled in the UK – the rest of it is exported to countries in East Asia as ‘plastic recycling feedstock’, incinerated, or dumped in the land fields of the country.

What Biofabrik’s distributor on the Island has set as a goal is to build 50 sites across the UK with WASTX Plastic machines – one in each county. This figure includes only plants operated by QM Recycled Energy – around 200 more sites are planned for customers’ machines.

‘Prepare the plastic, clean it and bring it to our door – we will take care of it with the Biofabrik equipment – and we will turn it back into oil. It is a very realistic investment to recycle plastic – converting plastic waste into oil has a significant value. It’s a very simple equation.’


Experience the WASTX Plastic by yourself

The modular and decentralized WASTX Plastic technology is the only machine of its kind currently present on the UK market. It also generates its own electricity, making the technology completely self-sufficient:

‘The best about Biofabrik’s system is that we can place it in numerous different locations – taking the solution to the problem, not creating a massive site to which we have to deliver the problem to’, shares Tim.

‘I invite everybody to come and see the machine running and experience the alternative solution to throwing plastic in the oceans. Our doors are open for everyone – views, investors, buyers – we will showcase the process from the beginning to the end’.

In the video below, you’ll also get a look at the transfer of the pilot series plant which QMRE named “Marie” (In Hebrew: “the untamed”, but also in Egyptian: “the beloved”):

In recent weeks, WASTX Plastic in Longfield has already been visited by more than 150 UK prospects. Stay in touch with us via LinkedInFacebook or our newsletter to stay tuned for the delivery of the upcoming WASTX Plastic series plants!