WASTX Oil: The first series plants get delivered to customers

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Video: Deliveries of the first series plants of WASTX Oil

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Following the massive upgrades in the design and function of our WASTX Oil, the first serial plants of the technology have now been delivered to the first customer sites! Take an exclusive look into the transportation of one of our plants to Bavaria in our newest video below.

WASTX Oil: Better than ever. And in serial production.

Biofabrik’s WASTX Oil is capable of purifying liquid residues such as waste oil, used diesel, fuel oil, kerosene, and shipping oils right on the location where they are produced or collected. Moreover, the whole process is based on an extremely profitable revenue scheme, is also fully automatic and maintained in a completely decentralized way.

Based on our experience from the operation of the pilot series of the WASTX Oil, we have profoundly improved the original design, bringing many core changes in the series version of the plant. The cornerstone of the new design is an advanced reactor system – about twice as large as the previous one, which allows a throughput about four times higher.

In combination with a completely new, specially developed vacuum system, better separation of mixed oils also becomes possible. For instance, an input of three different oils mixed together results in the separate obtaining of the three original fractions, all of them purified.

Furthermore, the automation system of the WASTX Oil has been perfected. Thanks to the implementation of the new software the operation of the whole plant narrows down to a single start and stop button.

Graphic 1: Manufacturing of the WASTX Oil


Improved, Re-Built, Delivered: First series models of WASTX Oil

After the successful implementation of all improvements we had in mind for the WASTX Oil, the first series models have now been delivered! One of Biofabrik’s clients, the tank cleaning and disposal company Holleis GmbH Tankschutz, which was already a pilot series customer of the WASTX Oil, has now expanded to a series plant.

“We have been using the WASTX Oil since the beginning of 2019 and thanks to it my company and I have been able to drastically cut the costs for waste oil disposal”, says managing director Matthias Pfeiffer. “We no longer have to take the residual oils to the cement plant for incineration – we reprocess them directly at our company premises without burning them.

And the best thing is”, continues Matthias, – That the new, purified oil is straightly reintroduced into the raw material cycle.”

Curious to take a look at the live operation of WASTX Oil yourself? The plant is available for viewing by prospective buyers, investors, and the Press. Contact us to arrange an individual online or offline viewing appointment!