European Union supports Biorefinery of Biofabrik Green Refinery with more than 3 Million Euro

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Since 2008, the EU has been supporting selected start-ups in the environmental sector with its Eco Innovation Programme. In a selection process lasting more than one year, more than 300 companies from 27 countries were selected for the biorefinery concept, which won the largest volume of funding ever distributed.

EU supports innovative environmental projects

In the 200 million euro Eco Innovation Programme, the EU supports start-ups, companies and institutions from research and science in launching previously unknown innovations in the fields of recycling, sustainable production, biological nutrition, drinking water supply, treatment and saving as well as green business. As the EU shows in its trailer, with the aim that everyone wins: Europe, taxpayers and the environment:

The project attaches particular importance to the fact that these are not development projects, but finished, marketable technologies:

“The eco-innovation initiative bridges the gap between research and the market. It helps good ideas for innovative products, services and processes that protect the environment become fully-fledged commercial prospects, ready for use by business and industry. In doing so the initiative not only helps the EU meet its environmental objectives but also boosts economic growth.”

The programme aims to support and internationalise Europe’s future environmental technologies to a large extent, thus promoting Europe’s leading position in the field of environmental technologies in the long term. The supported companies thus not only gain access to high-ranking administrative contacts, political support and international investors, but also join the ranks of exclusive innovators.

European innovations range from paper beverage bottles and renewable building materials for the houses of the future to projects for cleaning the oceans. In addition to startups and research institutes, well-known companies such as BMW, Whirlpool and E.ON are among the project partners.


And now also the biorefinery of the Green Refinery Biofabrik

Therefore, it is not only a pleasure for us but also an honour to be now a member in the exclusive circle of those who were often able to assert themselves against several hundred competitors from all over Europe. The application process took over a year of work, travel to Brussels and lengthy meetings between consortium partners across Europe. This makes it all the easier for us to finally have the final confirmation in our hands – about the largest funding volume ever granted in an Eco Innovation project.

We now receive financial support for the development and advancement of our sustainable fertilizers such as Blattwerk and our soon available Amineon-based food range. Trade fairs, internationalisation and the constant improvement of hardware are just as much a part of the programme as the promotion of personnel, operating and raw material costs. A fact that will help us, among other things, to grow faster. Time is money – but money is also time!

And so becomes our central approach, to produce healthy raw materials from European grass, a little more European. We especially thank our Austrian team for months of tireless struggle for documents, answers from project participants, night shifts and revisions. As we now know, all this was not in vain.

Stay on top of our development, be the first to see the first vegan sports foods on the market and be there when our second technology, the White Refinery, sees the light of day.