An initiative of Biofabrik, for the systematic coordination of assistance to Ukrainians who have fled

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Holistic Help for Refugees from Ukraine

With YOUKRAINE we started a non-profit project with the aim to help as many people as possible in the shortest possible time. Unfortunately, it became apparent at the reception camps that there was a lack of coordination to fully utilize the gigantic aid effort. Empty transfers, inappropriate aid deliveries, long waiting times and uncertainty among the refugees were the result. Since this cannot possibly be our claim, we have developed a system with partner organizations that coordinates helping forces. All of the following possibilities to help have been examined and selected by us and in our opinion offer the best possibility to really help the people at the Ukrainian border.

Seats offered by voluntary drivers*
Euros donated
via Arche Nova

*Between 06.03. and 16.03.2022 (Source: Ltd.)

How does our initiative work?

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Local contact

Registration of refugees

Registration of drivers

Reception of refugees

Donations of money for domestic Ukraine

Organized Support from Crossing the Border to the New Home

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Local Contact Persons

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With our own employees on the ground, we find out first-hand where help is needed most urgently. To this end, we have our own situation centers at the relevant border crossings or regular communication with local contacts.

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Registration of Refugees

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In cooperation with, newly arriving Ukrainians are registered when crossing the border. The desired destination in Europe is systematically recorded in order to be able to match with offered rides afterwards.

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Driver Registration

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Using an online form, drivers are legitimized, scheduled and connected with passengers, directly on site or before the start of the trip. To combat human trafficking, the legitimization process is an integral part and organized rides are prioritized.

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Reception of Refugees

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Together with, apartments are made available to the refugees. While still being transferred, refugees can apply for an apartment via an online form and find a temporary home within a very short time.

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Monetary Donations for People in the Interior of Ukraine

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Through Arche Nova e. V., help is made possible and ensured for the Ukrainians remaining in the country. Thanks to many years of project experience in the country, the aid reaches precisely those who need it most urgently.

Stronger Together - Our Partnerships

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Supporting Monetary Donations with Arche Nova e.V.

For monetary donations we cooperate with the initiative Arche Nova e.V.. All monetary donations initiated by us go directly to recipients in the interior of Ukraine with the reference Biofabrik. This is currently the only possibility for us to help beyond the Ukrainian border. Since the expenses for transfers and equipment are constantly increasing, we are happy to receive further requests for donations to support specific parts of the project.

Selected Donations in Kind to a Variety of Acceptance Sites

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We know firsthand what incredible quantities of aid are being transported to the reception camps behind the Ukrainian borders. This makes it all the more important to pack and label them carefully. We regularly receive updated lists of the most urgently needed relief goods from the volunteers on site. If you would like to make donations in kind, please contact us and we will forward you to the appropriate offices.

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Voluntary drivers for our ride platform

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Currently, thousands of vehicles are on the road in Europe to help the Ukrainians who have fled at the border. This leads to an almost impossible to handle logistical effort on the ground, especially since many trips take place on-good-luck. The consequence is that partly empty vehicles have to leave the border again, because nobody can be found for the offered route at that time. To find out about the time requirements, please use our ride-sharing platform to draw attention to your ride.

Temporary Accommodation with Wunderflats

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If you want to provide accommodation, you can do so best at our partner Wunderflats or at Both are specialized in providing the massive supply of privately provided housing to the people who need it most. If you have additional relevant housing capacity, we will be happy to add it to our database as a fallback solution.

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