Polyolefin Recycling

Polyolefins are the most common types of polymers due to their wide range of applications. The most common polyolefins are generally polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE), including the subgroups low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

Compared to other plastic types, polyolefins usually have a shorter life cycle as they are usually applied for single-use products.

Overview Polyolefins

Polyolefine recycling differentiation: PE,PP, HD-PE

The production of polymer resins worldwide has increased by almost 1200% since the 1950s (American Chemical Council, 2018). Common recycling methods for polyolefins are either landfill, incineration, or mechanical recycling. 

Nevertheless, materials such as packaging materials, which are mainly polyolefins, have extremely low recycling rates, despite accounting for up to 40% of collected waste. The main reason for this is a high degree of contamination due to impurities or multilayer material that cannot be separated.

Chemical Recycling through Pyrolysis

Pyrolysis is a depolymerization process in which plastic products are heated to temperatures of up to 500 °C in the absence of oxygen to break down the polymers into monomers. The monomers can be classified as secondary raw materials or synthetic crude oil. As we aim to create a circular economy, the oil can be sold at a high profit to the petrochemical industry, where it is used to produce new plastics.

process diagram WASTX Plastic 1

Our Solution:
The WASTX Plastic

With our technology WASTX Plastic we offer a sustainable and profitable solution for the recycling of polyolefins. The WASTX Plastic is a decentral container-based pyrolysis plant, that is capable of processing non-recyclable, dirty, partially mixed as well as post-consumer plastic waste into oil. The smallest unit can process one ton of plastic waste per day and can be upscaled as requested due to its modular structure. It only requires 0,5 kWh to process one kilogram of waste.

Represented in


Up to

% Efficiency


Preordered modules

Fields of Application

Coatings and impurities of plastic waste make mechanical recycling often difficult or impossible in many cases. In the majority a landfill or incineration is the only option. WASTX Plastic’s patent-pending chemical recycling process is particularly insensitive to interfering materials and precisely targets the types of plastic that make up the bulk of today’s plastic waste problem.

Packaging materials


The German Federal Environment Agency states that around 85% of all plastic waste in Germany is post-consumer waste, which usually cannot be recycled mechanically. The patent-pending reactor design enables the WASTX Plastic to process even multilayer films and contaminants such as paper labels and food scraps.

supermarket counter full of plastic-packaged vegetables

Agricultural films

process of covering agricultural fields in foil

Agricultural Foil

The recycling of agricultural foil is highly complicated due to increased levels of contamination and moist. Therefore, incineration or landfilling is usually the end-of-life phase. 

By applying our WASTX Plastic, in the pretreatment stage already, impurities and moist can be reduced and agricultural foil can be recycled sustainable and profitable.

Hard plastic

IBC Containers & Rain Barrels

IBC tanks and rain barrels are usually used for storage of (hazardous) waste materials, liquid waste, sands and grains or other liquids. Therefore, heavy contamination and large size make the recycling process both costly and complex. With our WASTX Plastic, in the pretreatment stage already, IBC containers can easily be shredded and impurities and moist can be reduced.

ibc container

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