70% oft the world’s demand for protein are covered by live stock. Industrial stock breeding, however, goes along not only with moral problems but with social challenges as well. According to a recent report by the FAIRR initiative, industrial livestock farming causes up to 14,5 % of all greenhouse gas emissions (more than the global transportation sector). Furthermore, excessive consumption of industrially processed meat is linked to health problems, like diabetes, antimicrobial resistence, cardiac infarction and cancer. With Amineon Life, GABA and BCAA, pasture grass is being made accessible as a source of vegetable source of proteins. In this, the Bio Refinery plays the role of the live stock by converting the vegetable proteins in the pasture grass into ones digestible by humans.


Amineon LIFE

is a unique vegan nutrient complex rich in GABA and the branched-chain amino acids Valine, Leucine and Isoleucine as well as an especially high content of L-Alanine.

  • vegan BCAAs
  • natural GABA
  • with L-Alanine
  • Available as powder or 30% solution

You wish to process Amineon Life in your own products? Our qualified team is glad to help you.

Stefan Süßmilch

Manager Sales
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