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One serving of UR (50 g) provides 177 kcal, 9 g carbohydrates, 21 g protein and 4 g fat.

UR’s base powder aims to provide an optimal supply of all micronutrients, proteins and fiber with low energy content. Right from the start, we wanted to develop a meaningful counterpart to the usual Western diet (high in energy, fat and carbohydrates).

Even though this makes it suitable for a low-calorie diet, it can be used individually as well for other goals (e.g., in combination with high-carbohydrate ingredients for athletic performances).

The powder, if stored closed, dry and protected from light, has a shelf life of at least one year.

Mixed with liquid, it should be consumed within the hour. Cooling prolongs the shelf life.

UR was originally developed using only natural powders that were gently processed in such a way that their natural nutrient levels meet the requirements. However, in our regular analyses, we find that the nutrient content of natural products is subject to fluctuations depending on the weather, soil conditions, and other factors. Therefore, in order to meet our claim of delivering 100% nutritional care, we had to opt for the use of isolated nutrients in addition to our natural ingredients.
Most of our nutrients come from natural sources. Only a few vitamins need to be added. Vitamin C, for example, is 100% derived from the acerola cherry (instead of added in isolation) since the acerola cherry is a similar stable supplier of this vitamin. In R&D, we are, of course, constantly exploring ways to reduce the proportion of isolated nutrients.

Apart from the isolated vitamins and minerals for nutrient guarantee (see above), we consistently avoid using unnecessary additives. This means that thickeners, emulsifiers, anti-caking agents, artificial colors, etc. are not used.

One serving of UR (50 g of base powder) already covers one third of your daily requirements of all vitamins, minerals and proteins.

And thus, with three servings a day, your body would be fully supplied by UR. However, since UR is filling, you will find it harder to consume any more meals.

However, if you don’t want to give up your usual meals, UR can still be used when healthy meals are harder to come by.

Most of our customers take a serving in the morning or at noon (so that a healthy meal is guaranteed during the day) and prepare the rest of their meals according to their wishes.

To prepare one serving of UR (50 g), we recommend using 450 ml of liquid.

Since we use natural foods as the suppliers of our nutrients, some recommended daily requirements may be exceeded for certain individual nutrients. The 100% refers to the daily intake of the respective nutrients recommended by the EU. This value is to ensure that an undersupply is prevented. An intake above these values is usually harmless.

This is especially true for the natural foods in UR, in which nutrients are self-evidently not overdosed. Some nutrients can cause adverse side effects when heavily overdosed (which is the case for supplements with isolated nutrient supplements). In our development, we made sure that no micronutrient level is in the range of an overdose, even when consuming the recommended daily serving multiple times.

UR is produced by a renowned food manufacturer, which is FSSC 22000 certified and thus meets the highest possible safety standards for food.

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