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Unopened, the fertilizer can be stored for 18 months without hesitation. The is an expiration date on the bottle. However, if stored in a cool place and protected from the sun, there should be no problems with the shelf life even if the product is stored for longer than the best-before date.
It is recommended to water the plant a few days before, as drought stress provides a negative effect of nutrients.

Why vegan – we chose a 100% vegan fertilizer option for a variety of reasons.
On the one hand, many people follow a vegan life principle, i.e. they want to do without the use of animal products completely or as far as possible. Just to offer these people an alternative to fertilizers with animal additives, the production of vegan fertilizers is justified.
In general, we would also like to point out that a large number of users are looking for alternatives, as the use of animal slaughter waste such as hair meal pellets, fish meal, bone meal and horn from the claws of cattle is common in conventional fertilizers. With Blattwerk Pure, we offer the solution.
Furthermore, we pursue the approach of sustainability. Blattwerk Pure is 100% based on grass, a renewable raw material that itself requires no fertilization, grows easily and uncomplicatedly and can be obtained several times a year. The cultivation of grass also has a positive effect on the fertility of the soil. The grass residues left over from the production of Blattwerk Pure are 100% converted into green energy in biogas plants.
Blattwerk Pure is a full alternative to animal and mineral fertilizers. Made from 100% renewable raw materials, it contains highly concentrated and freely available amino acids as well as minerals, lactic acids and sugars. Together with the plant-available ammonium nitrogen it contains, Blattwerk is ideally suited as a universal fertilizer for houseplants, fruit and vegetables, herbs and lawns.

“Organic fertilizer” consists of an organic base material, which in the case of Blattwerk Pure is 100% grass silage. The grass silage was processed for Blattwerk pure, in a unique process in our Biorefinery. Organic elements are absorbed in the forms of C, O, H via metabolism. Mineral (inorganic) nutrient elements are absorbed in dissolved form from the soil, or substrate and are also available in dissolved form to the plants after the grass silage is processed. A soil life is necessary for the conversion of organic material. For example: it would be necessary when manure or green waste is converted and its nutrients are made available to plants.

Without a doubt, Blattwerk Pure can be used in a dosage of 0.5% (5ml Blattwerk and 1 liter of water) for any fruits and vegetables. For this purpose, you can add the Blattwerk fertilizer to the irrigation water at a mentioned dosage of 0.5% on a regular basis, but no more than once a week.

Blattwerk Pure is also suitable for the care of your mountain ash and woody plants in general. Add the Blattwerk fertilizer to the irrigation water at a dosage of 0.5% on a regular basis, but no more than once a week. The exact dosing instructions can also be found on the packaging.
Blattwerk Pure can also be used for your Hawaiian palms, frangipanis and Kentia palms at the specified dosage of 0.5% (5ml of Blattwerk per liter of water).

At this point, we would also like to point out the Blattwerk biofertilizer for palms and green plants (ASIN: B07H9B4T32 – can be easily entered into the Amazon search), which is specially adapted in its function for palms and green plants.

Blattwerk is also suitable for fertilizing lawns. We recommend adding the specified dosage of 0.5% foliar (5ml per 1 liter) to the water. When fertilizing the lawn, please make sure to choose a shady day, avoiding direct sunlight as much as possible. Also, it is recommended to fertilize when the lawn is already somewhat moistened in the morning or after a short downpour. You can determine the interval according to your needs, but please only once a week as a maximum.

The contents in terms of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are as follows: Nitrogen organic (N): 1.33%, total nitrogen (N): 1.33%, phosphorus (P2O5): 0.69%, potassium (K2O): 5.30%. In addition, Blattwerk Pure contains 4.00% free and 100% plant-based amino acids.

In fact, the use of organic fertilizers in hydroponics can be considered inappropriate. Due to the purely organic substances and lack of preservatives, after the combination with water after a short time occurs the formation of bacteria. We therefore recommend not to add Blattwerk Pure to the watering water of hydroponics.

However, it is possible to spray Blattwerk at the recommended concentration on the leaves and thus administer the important nutrients via foliar fertilization. The leaves should be wiped beforehand with a cloth and water mixed with Blattwerk to remove dust and impurities. Then regularly spray the leaves with a sprayer at the usual concentration of irrigation water.

Hydroponics can also be fertilized with Blattwerk. In the case of hydroponics, however, Blattwerk should not be added to the irrigation water, but should be sprayed onto the leaves in the recommended concentration. Organic fertilizers can cause bacteria to build up in the water used to water hydroponics.

We recommend treating the sheets with a damp cloth beforehand to remove dust and impurities. Then regularly spray the leaves with a sprayer at the usual concentration of 0.5%.

Theoretically, there is nothing to prevent the use of Blattwerk Pure as an organic fertilizer and the Celaflor sticks with mineral salts including biocide. However, the nutrient content of Celaflor fertilizer sticks is so high that by administration, the nutrient needs of the plants for the application period are already covered. Adding Blattwerk Pure would result in an excess of nutrients and the plant would die or certainly get sick from too many nutrients.

Currently, Blattwerk Pure is only available as a liquid fertilizer. We are currently working on a solid fertilizer with similar properties. We hope to launch this on the market shortly.

The fertilizer has a slightly sweet smell – we would like to recite a customer review from Amazon here: “… in any case, it smells pleasant, like sushi with soy sauce.” In general, we can tell you that the current feedback regarding the smell, as well as the effect, is exclusively positive. We would be delighted if you would get to experience the product yourself and we are sure that you will be satisfied as well.

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