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In addition to biogas plants, the Biorefinery can be operated near any farm that processes pasture grass.

The synergy effects with regard to biogas plants are particularly noteworthy. The biogas plant can utilize the grass silage pressed by the Biorefinery more efficiently due to the increased surface area and supplies the Biorefinery with the necessary energy on the other side. For biogas plant operators, the Biorefinery opens up an additional source of income.

The organic fertilizer Blattwerk is available on Amazon, Bloomling and soon in our own store. You can get more information here.

In addition to fresh pasture grass, dried grass, the Biorefinery can also process grass silage into a raw material containing amino acids.
In addition to minerals, the raw material contains carbonic and lactic acids as well as sugar.

One Biorefinery plant can process 10,000 tons of pasture grass annually.

The modular design of the system enables simple series connection and thus multiplication of the material input.

Our first plant is in continuous operation in Blizevedly near Prague. Further plants are planned for the future.
If you would like to learn more about plant purchase and financing, feel free to send us a personal message.

The product resulting from several digestion, filtration and concentration processes contains important amino acids as well as minerals, carbonic and lactic acids and sugars.

The output is used in the form of fertilizer in agriculture, but can also be used in the food industry.

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