it always seems impossible until it’s done

It took us 7 years of relentless work and dedication. Again and again we were told that it would not be possible – but now WASTX Plastic is entering serial production. Watch the video below for exclusive insights into the commissioning of the pilot plant:

Extremely efficient

1 kilogram of plastic waste becomes 1 liter of recycled oil

Highly profitable

A problematic waste material
becomes a valuable product

Unlimited scalability

Modules can be easily connected in series

We found oil. All over the world.

The containerized, fully automated, and highly profitable WASTX Plastic
transforms plastic waste back into its liquid form: oil. Each module of
WASTX Plastic processes up to 1,000 kg of plastic waste per day.


WASTX Plastic works where the plastic waste is generated or collected.

Fully automated

Process control perfected through years of development.

Remote monitoring

Worldwide delivery and support through a strong partner network.

Think Global, Act Local – our worldwide family

Our certified partners in 27 countries provide our customers with all-round service from a single source – in the local language, with fast service times and trained by our engineers in Germany. We are currently represented in the following countries:

If you would also like to become part of our global distributor network and have the necessary experience for import, installation, maintenance and presentation of our equipment, please apply here:

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