Waste to energy with the WastX Zero.


High-automation, decentralized operation

The white refinery dissolves the chemical compounds in the plastic waste and transfers them fully automatically back to their original, liquid form: oil.

Supplies 210 Tesla or 150 family homes

Even a single WASTX Zero supplies villages or companies with clean electricity. If more energy is needed, the systems are simply connected in series.

The technology

Small plant,
great effect.

Our compact refinery processes up to 250 kg per day. This produces per kilogram of plastic 1 liters of fuel. If there is more waste, the plants can easily be connected to each other.

Game Changer
Made in Germany.

More than 6 years of development time are in the continuous entry, intelligent reactor as well as in the automatic separation, dynamic gas purification and multi-stage condensation.

Fully automated and remotely monitored.

As complex as the technology in the interior, so easy the cross-platform operation via touch display and app. The production process is fully automated and remotely monitored.

By default:
Highest environmental standards.

Through sustainable reforestation, we not only neutralize the plastic-bound CO2, but also protect countless endangered species of their natural habitat.

Every WASTX ZERO supplies energy for 150 single family houses or 210 Telsa model s

Recyclable waste


Cleaning products, containers, IBCs, sheets, films, injection molded parts of packaging, household goods or technical articles.


Films such as cling films, carrier bags, agricultural films, milk carton coatings, garbage bags and shrink films.


Interior fittings of cars, dashboards and battery housings, crash absorbers, child seats, bicycle helmets, transformer housings, wire and cable sheathing, insulating films, piping, cups, bottle caps, internal parts for dishwashers, boil-proof films, reusable containers, thermal transport boxes, packaging parts, drinking straws, adhesive films, plastic money bills such as Australian dollar. PP fibers in home textiles, carpets, sports textiles, packaging materials, hygiene products, medical products, buoyant ropes, geotextiles.


Heavy oil residues, oil sands, used and heating oil

option list

separation plant

Sorts the raw material for up to 3 systems and filters out the suitable polyolefins fully automatically.


Crushes the starting material and automatically leads it to recovery.

Generators & CHPs

Depending on the case, the systems are equipped with suitable generators, cogeneration units or absorption refrigeration systems.


1,75 m² floor area

Waterproof body kit

19 "touch display

Compacting entry system also for lightweight substrates

Continuous compact pyrolysis reactor with multi-zone heating system

Condensation tanks with filtration

Oil tank with level indicator

Control system Bosch Rexroth with extensive sensors, safety system

Water cooling + backup system

Automated ash discharge with automatic nitrogen purge

up to 250 kg / d polyolefins: PE, PP, LDPE, HDPE,

to 2% impurity according to blacklist / whitelist

Pyrolysis condensates (energy content approx. 10 kWh / l, up to 750 l / d),

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