A new way for old oil



A new way for old oil: The WASTX Oil from BIOFABRIK offers a solution for the recycling of oily residues. In the compact system, contaminated fuels are automatically purified, condensed and converted back into usable fuel within a few hours.

By pyrolysis in the smallest possible space, the system cleans waste oil, contaminated diesel, fuel oil or marine oils and converts them fully automatically into up to 900 litres of usable fuel per day.

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Used wherever waste oil is produced

The compact WASTX Oil is suitable for commercial, public and private use, among others:

waste oil disposer

The WASTX Oil makes your work easier and more environmentally friendly.

tank farm

The system can be used wherever waste oil is produced.

industrial enterprises

The electricity generated can be used directly in the company.


WASTX Oil cleans soiled kerosene and oil mixtures.

Ships & Ports

The facilities can even be accommodated on ocean-going vessels.

Cities & Municipalities

A remuneration system for people who bring their used oil to the plant.

What are the concrete benefits of WASTX Oil?

The compact BIOFABRIK system is suitable for commercial, public and private use:

Decentralised waste oil recycling

The plants are located where the waste oil accumulates, thus eliminating high transport costs. TheWASTX Oil is fully automatic and remotely monitored.

Production of DIN fuels

Companies, cities and municipalities work more economically and can produce their own fuels that supply up to 200 families with energy around the clock.

Flexible and scalable

The WASTX Oil processes up to 2,000 litres per day and plant. For larger locations, the systems can easily be connected in series.

Compact and highly effective

The WASTX Oil takes up very little space, operates autonomously and has an efficiency of over 95 percent. Residual materials can also be sold.

Economical and ecological

An annoying waste product becomes a valuable resource: the recycled oil can be used by the customer or sold at a profit.

Sustainable solution for environmental problems

Ecological challenges such as environmental pollution, scarcity of resources and energy are becoming local and effective. solved.

This is how it works

This is how WASTX Oil works in detail

Dr. Martin Schneider, our Chief Technology Officer, explains the exact function of WASTX Oil

source materials

Recyclable oil waste: These fabrics are recycled at the push of a button.

WASTX Oil cleans all oil waste generated in industry. It does not matter whether the fuel is contaminated or a mixture. The plant separates the gaseous fractions and distils pure fuels from the original material.





WKN Input Material Model
130701 Contaminated diesel or heating oils 2018
130703 Other fuels including mixtures Q3/2019
130708 Oil-containing waste Q3/2019
130110 Non-chlorinated hydraulic oils Q3/2019
130111 Synthetic hydraulic oils Q3/2019
130112 Easily biodegradable hydraulic oils Q3/2019
130113 Other hydraulic oils Q3/2019
130205 Non-chlorinated mineral oil-based machine, gear and lubricating oils Q3/2019
130206 Synthetic machine, gear and lubricating oils based on mineral oil Q3/2019
130207 Easily biodegradable machine, gear and lubricating oils Q3/2019
130208 Other machine, gear and lubricating oils Q3/2019
130307 Non-chlorinated mineral oil-based insulating and heat transfer oils Q3/2019
130308 Synthetic insulating and heat transfer oils Q3/2019

Purchase and partner model

WASTX Oil is available as a purchase unit for our own operations or in a joint venture with us.

Purchase Model
Purchase price: normal price
Support Costs: Normal Price
License fee: 0 %
Warranty: 1 year
Product paragraph: optional
Afforestation: optional
Software updates: optional
Hardware update: optional
Help with approval: optional
Partner Model
Purchase price: Reduced
Support costs: Reduced
Royalty: 25 %
Warranty: 2 years
Product sales: secured
Afforestation: inclusive
Software updates: included
Hardware update: inclusive
Approval Help: Included

WASTX Oil is ready to generate energy in just a few steps

WASTX Oil provides industry, municipalities and facilities with the solution to develop previously unavailable sources of income and to solve one of the biggest environmental problems in a sustainable way.


Call us or send us an e-mail. Our team will answer all your questions about our systems in detail.


We check the desired location and take samples of the starting material. This ensures that WASTX Oil can process the existing raw materials without any problems.


We’ll draw up a memorandum of understanding together. In addition to the details of our cooperation, individual agreements are also recorded. Tank stations, generators or other options are available on request, up to billing systems for those people who bring their waste oil to the plant.


You’ll get all the The documents you need for the preliminary approval. Our systems are certified according to the highest environmental standards and produce DIN basic fuel in accordance with standards.


Plant construction begins. All systems run fully automatically, are monitored online and can be controlled in real time. You have hardly any care or monitoring effort.

Any questions?

With the products and ideas of the Biofabrik, new energy is generated from waste materials. We will be happy to advise you on all questions concerning our plants and how they can help you to work more sustainably and economically.

Stefan Süßmilch
Manager Product & Sales
Jörg Metzner
CSO, Customer Support