Sustainable waste oil recycling

Worldwide, 25 million tons of waste oil are produced every year. This is
equal to a chain of tankers being put together from the North Pole to the
South Pole. Even in countries where there is an infrastructure for the
disposal of old oils, they are usually used as substitute fuel instead of
being brought back to the material cycle.

Extremely efficient

1 liter used oil becomes up to 0,9 liters recycled oil

Highly profitable

A problematic waste material transforms into a valuable product

Unlimited scalability

Up to 3,000 liters of waste oil recycling daily per module. (expandable)

From old to new

Thanks to the WASTX Oil reactor (patent pending), oil-containing
residues become gaseous within milliseconds. Contaminants within the
oil precipitate downwards, while the gas that has risen to the top is
liquefied again in a special condensation column.


WASTX Oil can be installed where waste oil is generated or collected.

Fully automated

Process control perfected through years of development.

Remote monitoring

Worldwide delivery and support through a strong partner network.

Our international distributors

We are currently building up an international network of experienced
distributors who will officially represent hundreds of WASTX plants
around the Globe by the end of 2021. Meanwhile, we are speeding up
our capacities for serial production to prepare for the official roll-out in