The WASTX Oil:

A new way for old oil


A new way for old oil: WASTX Oil from BIOFABRIK offers a solution for the recycling of oily residues. In the compact system, polluted fuels are automatically cleaned, condensed and transformed into usable fuel within a few hours.

By pyrolysis in a small space, the system cleans up used oil, polluted diesel, heating oil or marine oils and converts them fully automatically into up to 900 liters of usable fuel per day

Sustainable solution to environmental problems

Environmental problems such as environmental pollution, scarcity of resources and lack of energy are solved locally and effectively.

Production of DIN fuels

Companies, cities and communities are working more economically and can produce their own fuels, which supply energy to 200 families around the clock.

Used oil recycling at your location

The plants are where the used oil accumulates. High transport costs are eliminated. The WASTX Oil is no bigger than a wardrobe and can be financed for every village.

In use wherever used oil is produced

The compact BIOFABRIK system is suitable for commercial, public and private use:

Used oil disposal

WASTX Oil makes your job easier and greener.

tank farm

The system is ready for use wherever used oil is produced.


WASTX Oil can clean dirty kerosene and oil mixtures.

Ships & Ports

The systems are compact and can even be used on ocean-going vessels.

Cities & municipalities

A charge system for people who bring their used oil to the plant.

What specific benefits does WASTX Oil have? for her?

The compact BIOFABRIK system is suitable for commercial, public and private use:

Sustainable and clean

WASTX Oil can clean any used oil fully automatically and turn it into usable fuel within a few hours.

Economical and ecological

Turning an annoying waste product into a valuable resource: you can use the recycled oil yourself or sell it profitably.

Compact and highly effective

You can set up the system wherever used oil is produced. WASTX Oil works autonomously with a high efficiency above 90 percent.

Flexible and scalable

WASTX Oil can process 1000 liters of contaminated oil per day. For larger sites, the plants can simply be connected in series.

This is how WASTX Oil works in detail

Dr. Martin Schneider, our Chief Technology Officer, introduces you to the video showing the exact function and design of WASTX Oil.

Recyclable waste oil: You can easily recycle these substances at the push of a button

WASTX Oil cleans all oil wastes that occur in the industry. It does not matter if the fuel is contaminated or present as a mixture. The plant separates the gaseous fractions and distils pure fuels from the source material. The separated remains can be disposed of conventionally.






130701 Contaminated diesel or fuel oils DIN 51603-1, EN 590
130110 Non-chlorinated hydraulic oils based on mineral oils
130111 Synthetic hydraulic oils
130112 Easily biodegradable hydraulic oils
130113 Other hydraulic oils
130205 Non-chlorinated engine oils, gear oils and lubricating oils based on mineral oils
130206 Synthetic engine, gear and lubricating oils based on mineral oil Base oil Group IV
130207 Easily biodegradable machine, gear and lubricating oils Base oil Group I, II, III
130208 Other machine, gear and lubricating oils Base oil Group I, II, III
130307 Non-chlorinated insulating and heat transfer oils based on mineral oils Base oil Group I, II, III
130308 Synthetic isolating and heat transfer oils Base oil Group IV
130702 contaminated gasoline
130703 other fuels including mixtures

This is how you benefit from the BIOFABRIK system WASTX Oil

Price from 95.000 €

plus delivery costs, location check. Price depends on the size of the system.

Waste oil is more than an environmental problem. They have to take care of the disposal on a regular basis, which saves a lot of resources through transport and storage. With the waste oil recycling plant, you breathe new life into your waste materials. You either use the fuel yourself or sell it.

Each plant can convert 1000 liters of contaminated oil into 800 to 900 liters of fuel daily. For conversion, WASTX Oil requires only a fraction of the fuel itself. This makes operation highly profitable and scalable. You can combine several systems and theoretically process unlimited amounts of used oil.


Your WASTX Oil helps you to save energy and costs. They earn money with the recycled fuels. ,

Quality from Germany

The plants of BIOFABRIK are certified according to German environmental standards.


Seas and groundwater are polluted by used oil. Our systems make their contribution to protecting the environment.

Configure your WASTX Oil.

Your desired components
WASTX OIL from € 95.000 The system enables decentralized and compact recovery of atlas, diesel or fuel oil. Most of the substrate is refined to gas oil.
The process is characterized by a high added value, profitability and environmental friendliness, by the use of residues and shortening of transport routes to large refineries.
Your investment volume:
€ / h
€ / kWh
€ / L
€ / L
per monthper year
Total processed amount of raw materialsXX LXX L
Purchase price raw materialXXXX
Net production by fraction of wasteXX LXX L
Sales price raw materialXXXX
Total gross profitXXXX
Energy costs
Demand liters for own energy (liters)XXL XX L
Cost of own energyXXXX
Staff and operating costs
personnel costsXXXX
site rentalXXXX
Maintenance (excl. Travel expenses)XXXX
Total cost locationXXXX
Total cost of location & energyXXXX
CO2 neutralizationXXXX
Total yieldXXXX
Financing costs per month (1,5% of CP)XXXX
Proceeds pa XX
Yield pa XX %

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With the products and ideas of the Biofabrik, you turn waste into new energy. We are happy to advise you on which systems support your company to work more sustainably and economically.

Stefan Süßmilch
Manager Product & Sales
Jorg Metzner
CSO, customer support

In just a few steps, your WASTX Oil is ready for energy

WASTX Oil provides industry, municipalities and facilities with the solution to tap previously non-existent sources of income and solve one of the biggest environmental problems on a sustainable basis. Within a short period of time, your organization can start to recycle waste oil cheaply and effectively.


You can call us or send us an e-mail. We are gladly there for you and answer you all questions to our plants.


We check the desired location and take samples of your waste oil. This ensures that WASTX Oil is the right plant for your raw materials. The recycling plants are suitable for all locations where used oil is produced.


Together, we set up a letter of intent. In addition to the details of our cooperation, your special requests will be discussed. On request, refueling station, generator or other options are available, to billing systems for those people who bring their waste oil to your plant.


You will receive all the documents you need for the preliminary approval test. Our systems are certified to the highest environmental standards and produce standard DIN standard fuel.


The plant construction begins. All systems are fully automated, monitored online and controllable in real time. You have little care or monitoring effort.