Sustainable recycling of old oils –
With the WASTX Oil of the Biofabrik


1 litre old oil becomes 0.95 litres new fuel


Almost free waste becomes valuable energy


Up to 3,000 litres per day and system, expandable as required

High performance

Energy for more than 500 people per system


Fully automated with worldwide support and remote monitoring


1 billion liters of unspoiled drinking water per day and system

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Support us on our way to making decentralized waste oil treatment available anywhere in the world. Participate in the WASTX facilities with small or large investments or operate your own facility directly at your location.


The WASTX system uses plastic waste that is disposed of in landfills and in our oceans.
melt, to industrial raw materials and clean energy. Tap on the different parts of the system to learn more.

<h3> <span> THE</span> WASTX OIL<br /> IS PART OF THE WASTX SYSTEMS</h3><!-- wpml:html_fragment --><p>The WASTX system transforms plastic waste collected on landfills and in our oceans into industrial raw materials and clean energy.</p> Image Map <h3><span>WASTX</span> RETURN<!-- wpml:html_fragment --></h3><p>Sorts, cleans and dries plastic waste automatically.<br />Produces recovered polymers as industrial raw material.<br />Residual stock is processed in the following modules.</p> <h3><span>WASTX</span> OIL TO ENERGY</h3><!-- wpml:html_fragment  --><p>Converts previously unprocessable plastic waste into energy and pyrolysis oil.<br />Generated energy can be sold to nearby villages or commercial facilities.<br />The extracted oil can be refined into fuel in the next module.</p> <h3><span>WASTX</span> OIL TO FUEL</h3><!-- wpml:html_fragment  --><p>Converts pyrolysis oil, just like used oil into DIN fuel.<br />Recycled fuel can be sold at slightly lower prices than the market price (>350€/t).<br />About 90% efficiency.</p> <h3><span>WASTX</span> FIRE</h3><!-- wpml:html_fragment --><p>Incinerates waste that cannot be processed in modules 1 to 3.<br />Generates enough power to power the entire WASTX process.<br />Meets the highest environmental standards.</p>