WASTX Oil enters serial production

WASTX Oil geht in Serie

Every litre of waste oil contaminates up to one million litres of drinking water, pollutes groundwater and seas and is responsible for the death of flora and fauna in large parts of the world.

The world’s oldest packaging company invests in White Refinery

Systems project WASTX Plastic

The packaging company SchurStarSystems, founded in 1846, invests in the bio factory White Refinery. After its completion, the plant will convert the production residues of the main plant into energy and, after a successful test phase, will be used worldwide.

Amino acids from pasture grass: How Amineon is revolutionizing the food industry

Aminosa uren aus Weidegras

Share on facebook Share on linkedin Share on xing Share on whatsapp Share on email Share this post on Social Media With the world’s first amino acids from willow grass, we are developing a completely new raw material for the food industry. Since our health is significantly influenced by what we eat every day, we […]

Green Refinery’s first biorefinery proves its worth in continuous operation


The pilot plant of our biorefinery has been in continuous operation for three months and now reliably produces green chemicals from renewable raw materials. We would train and retrain this important milestone.   Looking back: Relocation of the plant to a new location Based on a process developed at the University of Linz, we brought […]