First series WASTX Plastic plant commissioned in Australia

Biofabrik Australien

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While Australia has set ambitious targets to drive waste reduction, it faces several issues and challenges in achieving this goal. In particular, progress is insufficient in the area of plastics recycling, as Australia aims to recycle 70% of all plastic packaging, but has only recycled 16% by 2020 (Guardian, 2021). 

Together with Plastoil, our distributor for Australia and New Zealand, we have reached the next milestone – the commissioning of our first WASTX Plastic as well as the first pyrolysis plant in Australia.

For successful large-scale operations in the future, Plastoil has partnered with Victoria-based recycler APR Plastic. In fact, the first WASTX plant was commissioned at APR Plastics’ Dandenong site and will continue to operate there – given APR’s plans to invest $2.5 million in the project.

In celebration of the commissioning, an event was organized with leading representatives of the industry, as well as our CEO Oliver Riedel, our Global Head of Distribution and our CTO. As part of the event, our CEO also gave a keynote speech about our mission at Biofabrik and the future of WASTX Plastic.

We believe that Plastoils and the APR Plastic project will make a significant contribution to eliminating plastic waste in Australia through our pyrolysis technology WASTX Plastic, both in Australia and in New Zealand.


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