Company Update: Biofabrik is now represented in 36 countries

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The last few months, we have made extremely significant results in terms of Biofabrik’s evolution. We achieved significant growth in all business areas, while expanding our business activities worldwide. By selecting the right partners in 36 countries already, we will be able to provide much needed recycling infrastructures that are missing today. 

Creating Change Through Growth

The past months, we have increased our global presence by 20 additional countries. As a result, our distribution network has grown so much that we now have partners in 36 countries, including Mexico, Nigeria, Norway, the United Arab Emirates and Australia. We are now officially represented on all continents of the world with partners who are like-minded and driven by innovation.

In addition to the global expansion of our distribution partners, there have also been some changes at our own sites. Apart from our “Sales Finca” in Palma (Spain), our “Rocket Science Center”, our “Start-Up Campus” near and in Dresden (Germany), we continue to expand globally. 

We have established a second office at our sales location in Mallorca. Our recycling experts there come from six nations and speak ten different languages to ensure the best possible support.

Besides, some time ago, our headquarters in Dresden Rossendorf was a simple hall, where we were producing our WASTX Plastic prototype. In the course of time, manufacturing has moved out because the space in Dresden became too small. Accordingly, we have decided to use the site exclusively for strategic activities and to outsource the operational part.


Launch of our Consulting Service

Last year, we launched our Biofabrik Systems service for individual development and consulting. Some of the best experts in the oil and recycling industry work for us within this line of business. In addition to individual projects, they work on the further development of WASTX Plastic at an external location. This location can also be visited during our demo days.

If you like to see the WASTX Plastic in action, you are welcome to submit an application for this. This much can be revealed: The new R&D site has a very unique role for us, but we will be sharing more on this in the upcoming weeks.

The steady growth of recent times is particularly characterized by the increase in employees, among other things. Since 2019, the number of employees has almost tripled and what was once a small team has now become a large family. 


Series Production Secured

Due to the high demand for our technologies, we have started collaborations with three separate highly experienced manufacturing partners. In the coming months, we will be able to manufacture our technologies in three different countries – on two continents at a much higher speed. 


WhatsApp Image 2021 10 22 at 09.40.37 2
Insights into our serial production (Biofabrik, 2022).


From 250kg To 1 Ton per Day 

Through the determined work of our engineers, we were able to quadruple the recycling capacity of a WASTX Plastic module from 250 kg to one ton of plastic waste per day. The throughput is scalable due to the modularity. Therefore, we can equip recycling parks worldwide with WASTX projects of any size and recycle enormous amounts of plastic waste.

This is especially reflected in the future plans of our partner QMRE in the UK. Currently QMRE is running our pilot series of WASTX Plastic in Kent. The pilot series is now more than 2 years old and has a processing capacity of 250 kg per day. The knowledge gained by QMRE during the continuous operation of our very first plant was of great value to us both in further development and in the area of oil quality optimization.

The following is a rendering of QMRE’s next project. They are planning to install a WASTX Plastic P5000 that can process five tons of plastic waste per day. Watch the video to understand the detailed setup of the plant and the facility in general!

Video: QMRE’s planned WASTX Plastic P5000 (QMRE; Nick Barton, 2022).


From Dresden to the World

Some probably discovered us in Dubai at the World Expo. This is because the largest expo in the world is currently taking place there – the Dubai Expo 2020. We are represented there with a stand at the German Pavilion and are able to exhibit the model of our technology to the visitors.

But we’re not stopping here, we’re continuing to grow. The Expo is a great opportunity for us to cover more countries on our world map and thus recycle the huge amounts of plastic waste worldwide.


Martina, Alex and Hendrik next to the WASTX Plastic model (Biofabrik, 2022).

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