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Video: Insights into the commissioning of the pilot plant

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After spending almost a decade on researching, careful planning, and developing, we have successfully reached one of our most desired goals: we are ready to deliver the first WASTX Plastic Pilot Series plant! Get exclusive insights into the commissioning process in our latest video.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it”. 

– Alan Kay

When a problematic waste material becomes a valuable resource

Humans produce and consume plastic like never before. It can be found everywhere in our daily lives – plastic bags, plastic packaging, plastic bottles, toothbrushes, construction, cutlery, even our clothes – up to 64% of the modern fabrics we use are made of plastic. 

In the last two decades alone, mankind has produced more plastic than in the entire 20th century. Almost half of this plastic is used only once and then thrown away, according to the researchers in National Geographic. Or how about the fact that every year, around 8 million tons of plastic waste ends up in the oceans? 

One is for sure – those staggering numbers will continue to increase if we don’t take action. Together there is so much we can do to slow down the pace of the worldwide plastic crisis or, why not, even try to solve it? Biofabrik’s WASTX Plastic offers a possibility to convert plastic waste into valuable recycling oils in a decentralized way.


On a mission to solve environmental problems

Founded in 2011, in Dresden, Germany, The Biofabrik Company has one simple mission: to make the world we live in a better place. Our interdisciplinary team is committed to tackling some of the greatest environmental challenges that our planet faces today, in the most nature-friendly, sustainable, and productive way. Although the problem of plastic waste is receiving more media attention than ever, a global, universal solution for the crisis still does not exist. 

On the contrary: In recent years, the price of plastic waste disposal has been rising steadily. Since China stopped importing plastic waste in 2017, storage capacities of waste management companies in Europe have been excessively preoccupied. In the meantime, waste incineration plants are using their dominant position on the market to drive the price for the services they provide ever higher. The possibilities for material recycling, for example, the recycling of shoes, clothing, or park benches from plastic waste, are also limited.

Graphic 1: Our interdisciplinary team works tirelessly on the WASTX Plastic pilot plant


A vision becomes reality: Biofabrik’s WASTX Plastic

With Biofabrik’s WASTX Plastic, it is possible to convert plastic waste into tradable synthetic crude oil (so-called Syncrude) in a decentral way. The oil can be used either directly on-site as an energy source or as a raw material for recycled plastic, depending on the desired application. The high amount of interest we have received from numerous companies in the petrochemical industry, as well as plastic manufacturers, means that a pyrolysis plant can be operated with extraordinary commercial success for the first time. 

Thus, costs for plastic waste disposal are saved and high revenues per ton of oil are generated. Thanks to the innovative design of the WASTX Plastic Reactor (patent pending), impurities such as soil, paper, organic materials, as well as multilayer packaging, can also be processed. 

Each WASTX Plastic is capable of processing up to 1,000 kilograms of plastic waste per day, with the possibility of 5 more modules to be added.

Graphic 2: A vision becomes reality: the WASTX Plastic


Series production with strong partners

After the prototype of our WASTX plastics plant met all requirements for the transfer to serial production in 2019, the first industrially manufactured pilot plant has now been completed in cooperation with a global plant manufacturer. 

Based on successful long-term tests and the high quality of the final products, we were able to implement many improvements in the pilot plant, such as optimized reactor technology and the highest safety standards. The plant is already into operation on the factory premises. In the last weeks, it has been visited by a large number of interested parties and is now being prepared for transfer to the first customer. 

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