WASTX Oil enters serial production

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Video: The second WASTX Oil plant generation goes into series production

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We started developing our WASTX Oil only about 3 years ago. In the meantime, the second generation of the technology is being mass-produced in a specially built factory hall. And this is also urgently needed, because even today a large proportion of the 25 billion litres of waste oil produced each year is dumped in an environmentally harmful manner.

Every litre of waste oil contaminates up to one million litres of drinking water, pollutes groundwater and seas and is responsible for the death of flora and fauna in large parts of the world. With Biofabrik’s WASTX Oil these valuable waste oils can now be reprocessed decentrally, profitably and fully automatically in every country.

What we do today decides what the world will look like tomorrow.
– Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

In live production: The WASTX Oil reaches production maturity

As described in the article about the series production of our WASTX Plastic  we use the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) developed by NASA to classify the development status of our technologies.

By achieving TRL7, the system is now ready for international rollout and can be delivered to our worldwide customers. Together with our customers and distributors, we will then cure possible teething troubles, test software and cloud systems and finally go into permanent regular operation.

Technology Readiness Level WASTX Oil
Graphic 1: Technology readiness level of WASTX Oil, as of 30.06.2020


International distribution: Mission 2020/20 completed

Already by mid-year, we also achieved our target set for 2020 of being active in at least 20 countries With representations in 22 countries, we were even able to slightly exceed the target. Discussions with many other candidates are in full swing, so we have raised the target to 40 countries by the end of the year.

In addition to operating demonstration systems, our partners are also responsible for import, support and local sales of our systems. This is how we carry our mission to turn plastic and waste oil from a problem into a resource with small, profitable and highly automated plants, with highly motivated and professional partners who have a deep understanding of their local markets:

Distributoren Übersicht Juli 2020
Graphic 2: Distributor overview as of July 2020. Green: License issued (22). Light grey: contract discussions (53)


A new factory hall for a new world

In order to be able to offer the highly complex systems as inexpensively as possible, we had to set up our own series production. For this purpose, a completely new factory hall was built in the small town of Straßgräbchen in Saxony. While a single-digit number of units can currently still be produced in test operation, output is expected to reach double-digit numbers per month by the end of 2020 and then scale up.
The WASTX Oil is currently the most compact system in the world to solve the problem of waste oils on a small scale, i.e. in every village and every city, independent of large refineries and disposal systems. The technology can refine up to 4000 liters of waste oils per day into marketable products on the size of two euro-pallets, while providing jobs, new income models and a cleaner environment with each machine.
In connection with our generator systems (more on this later), clean and stable energy from recycled raw materials can be produced on request in addition to the other effects.
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