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Arrangement of superfoods

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The ‘Superman’ of nutrition: Superfoods

Whether you see it on the cover of your favorite magazine, on a product label on the supermarket shelf or online, there is no escaping the hype; everyone is talking about Superfoods and their beneficial properties. No surprises here since these ‘power foods’ have a lot to offer. Superfoods have been revolutionizing the global food industry for quite some time now. These can be bought raw, as a powder or as capsules and they positively affect your well-being.

With UR from BIOFABRIK, you receive a selection of the best, carefully selected superfoods in the world, all combined in just one drink. Join us on this journey towards a healthy and nutrition-conscious lifestyle!


Super genius or super unrealistic?

For some it might be new territory, yet for others Superfoods have been a staple in their meal plan for years. They differ from conventional foods because of their convincing properties. They are real, natural power products with an above-average proportion of healthy nutrients to help us feel energized andlose weight.

Where just a few years ago, hardly anyone regularly added Aronia berries, Goji berries or chia seeds to their muesli, today, you can find them in every supermarket in muesli bars and power drinks(sometimes at above-average prices). Unfortunately, this is often for the sake of appearances since these products don’t always contain sufficient amounts of superfoods to actually achieve the intended positive effectson the human body. After all, a real superfood only brings the expected changes if it is regularly and sufficiently integrated into thedaily menu .


Simply the best, no magic trick

It may sound like magic to some, but many are convinced of the positive effects of superfoods. They are trendy and beloved because they contain an above-average amount of vitamins, minerals and secondary plant substances. On top of that, they are wholesome and as naturalas possible. On top of that, they are wholesome and as natural as possible. Anyone who believes that these power foods only come from exotic bushes from countries far far away, is at fault. Often, you don’t have to look any further than your own doorstep where, for example, herbs such as dandelion and nettle or (the green all-time favorite) broccoli can be found.

Superfoods contain high levels of specific macronutrients that satisfy our hunger and provide our immune system with everything it needs to function optimally. They are known for theirhigh levels of antioxidants, which act as bodyguards against free radicals. Additionally, protein in particular plays an essential role considering the ever-growing vegan diet. Also worth mentioning is the Hemp Protein, which is known for its wide spectrum of amino acids and therefore provides the human body with all the important, essential amino acids.


Bet on the right horse: Superfoods in UR

UR was created to provide you with a power drink that you can take daily, as quickly as possible and without having to put in too much effort, while overall doing the body good and covering your nutritional needs, including all important micro- and macronutrients. And what is better as a foundation than a selection of the world’s best superfoods? Whether you are a successful athlete, at the beginning of a weight loss journey or you just want to feel good, our superfoods got you covered!

Pea- and Hemp protein provide us with high-quality plant proteins that are fully digestible. Both have a beneficial effect on healthy and effective muscle developmentand they supply the body with important essential amino acids.

Pumpkin seed flour and Maca contain numerous antioxidants, nutrients and vital substances. These make them an effective source of power, which makes your body more efficient in general. You will feel less tired and you will be able to work more concentrated.

Superfoods, such as broccoli in particular, stimulate the metabolism and can be very helpful to obtain weight loss. Sulforaphan, which can be found in broccoli, is responsible for these benefits. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties .

The vitamin-rich leaves of the Moringa plant can accelerate skin regeneration and have an overall positive effect on skin, hair and nails.


To the limit of performance and beyond

Here, it is important to clearly determine which specific goal you are trying to obtain with UR. If you simply want to meet your daily nutritional needs in a quick and healthy way, you are 100% set with two drinks a day.

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