Introducing BLATTWERK: What 100% organic fertilizer means for world nutrition

Until the middle of this century, the world’s population will have increased to 10 billion people. Every year, 160 million tons of fertilizer is being applied to agricultural lands to meet the ever increasing demand for food. Yet, most prevalent are synthetic fertilizers which pose numerous problems besides being processed from unsustainable resources like petroleum, phosphorous or potassium. Over the past years we have developed a sustainable alternative which is already being used by farmers all over the world and which now is available for private use for the first time: BLATTWERK.

Why the world needs organic fertilizer

BLATTWERK is an entirely new, all organic liquid fertilizer, made from pasture grass in our bio refinery in a unique process. Contrary to synthetic fertilizers which are made of fossil resources, BLATTWERK consists of 100% renewable resources. Above all, it has been developed to surmount common problems of current fertilizers:

  1. Mineral fertilizer acts on a salt basis, containing nutrients which get flushed out as a result of contact with water. The minerals are drained from the soil by heavy rain, lose their effect and are channeled into the groundwater.
  2. To secure high yields, toxic plant protection products are used, causing negative effects on plants, animals, farmers and consumers.
  3. Biological fertilizers are usually produced in complex and intricate processes with specially grown resources. This is why they are multiple times as expensive as industrially manufactured fertilizers and therefore not suitable for agricultural purposes.

Biological fertilizer made of pasture grass ‐ now even for your home

BLATTWERK solves the problems of industrial fertilizers. Made from 100% renewable resources, it contains highly concentrated directly available amino acids as well as minerals, lactic acid and sugar. In combination with the ammoniacal nitrogen found in BLATTWERK, it is suitable as a universal fertilizer for indoor gardening, vegetables, fruit, herbage and lawn.

The high degree of automation and the unique resource concept of our bio refinery cause BLATTWERK to be manufactured more economically than comparable organic fertilizers and hence allows for worldwide application for the first time. With effects of scale and further improvements in the process it will soon be possible to deliver organic fertilizers at the price of mineral fertilizers.

Ecological farmers already use BLATTWERK globally ‐ in South East Asia, the Middle East and South America, among others. International sales on amazon have launched just days ago.

Healthy plants by optimal nutrition

Thanks to its special composition and the high content of free amino acids BLATTWERK unfolds its complex effect mechanisms. Amino acids and nitrogen Amino acids and nitrogen are directly at the plant’s disposal and do not need to be synthesized beforehand. In addition, the contained ammoniacal nitrogen is ligated more complexly than in conventional fertilizers, which causes it to remain in the soil even after heavy rain instead of being flushed out and is hence longer at the plant’s disposal.

The plant is able to channel the saved energy into fructification or leaf and root growth. Thus, BLATTWERK ensures strong foliage, protects the fruit and improves photosynthesis. The vegan lactic acid and carbohydrate components increase the growth of bacteria in the soil and therefore provide more oxygen and reinforce the roots. Strong and widely branched roots enhance the plant’s stability and facilitate nutrient uptake.

The contained lactic acids protect the plant additionally from other bacteria and fungi, incorporating the provided sugar. They can therefore act on longer time scales, reducing the necessity of toxic and costly pesticides. But see for yourself (BLATTWERK is manufactured from amineon, which can be processed and converted into various products):

Our promise: your satisfaction

Introducing BLATTWERK to the market we offer you security by means of a money‐back guarantee: If you in fact happen to find no positive effects on your plants within 8 weeks of application, we will refund your money in exchange for photo evidence before and after application. We are awaiting your feedback and are looking forward to your comments, reviews and pictures.