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The first Biorefinery of Biofabrik Green Refinery goes into operation after years of research. The technology produces plant-based amino acids and healthy fertilizers from renewable raw materials and thus makes an important contribution to solving the global food problem.

By the middle of this century, the world population will grow to about 10 billion people. In order to ensure that the dramatically increasing demand for food is met in the long term, 160 million tonnes of fertilizers are spread on our agricultural land every year. Industrial fertilizers, as they are used today, are subject to numerous problems and are also produced from finite raw materials such as crude oil, phosphorus and potash.

With Blattwerk, we have developed a sustainable alternative over the past few years that is already being used by organic farmers around the world and is now available for use at home for the first time.



Why the world needs biological fertilizers

Blattwerk is a completely new, purely biological liquid fertilizer that is produced from willow grass in our biorefinery using a process that is unique in the world. In contrast to mineral fertilizer, which is produced with immense effort from fossil raw materials, BLATTWERK consists of 100% renewable raw materials. In addition, it was developed to overcome the problems of current fertilizers:

  • Mineral fertilizer works on the basis of Salts that contain nutrients that are washed out on contact with water. When it rains heavily, the fertilizer is flushed out of the soil, loses its effect and reaches the groundwater.
  • In order to safeguard the high yields per hectare, large quantities of toxic pesticides are also used, which have negative effects on plants, animals, farmers and consumers.
  • Biological fertilizers are produced in complex, manufactory-like processes and the raw materials are often grown especially for this purpose. They are therefore many times more expensive than industrial fertilizers and are not used in our price-driven agriculture.

Organic fertilizer from pasture grass – now also for home use

Blattwerk fu r Zimmerpflanzen
Graphic 1: Blattwerk Design

BLATTWERK solves the problems of industrial fertilizers. Made from 100% renewable raw materials, it contains highly concentrated freely available amino acids as well as minerals, lactic acids and sugar. Together with the contained, plant-available ammonium nitrogen, BLATTWERK is ideally suited as a universal fertilizer for indoor plants, fruit and vegetables, herbs and lawns.

Thanks to the high degree of automation and the unique raw material concept of our biorefinery, BLATTWERK can be produced more cheaply than comparable biological products. fertilizer and thus enables, for the first time, widespread use throughout the world. Through economies of scale and further process improvements, it will be possible in future to produce sustainable, biological fertilizers at the prices of mineral fertilizers.

BLATTWERK is already being used by organic farmers around the world, including in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and South America. For a few days now, Blattwerk has also been available internationally for end customers on Amazon.


Healthy plants through optimal plant nutrition

Thanks to its special composition and the high proportion of free amino acids, BLATTWERK unfolds complex mechanisms of action. Amino acids and nitrogen are directly available to the plant and do not have to be synthesized first. The ammonium nitrogen contained is also more complex to bind than with conventional fertilizers, which means that it is less washed out in the rain and remains available to plants for longer.

The saved forces can put the plant both into the fruit formation and into the root and leaf growth. Thus, BLATTWERK protects the fruits and improves photosynthesis. The vegan lactic acid and sugar components increase the formation of bacteria in the soil and thus provide more oxygen and stronger roots. Strong and widely branched roots and facilitate the absorption of nutrients.

The lactic acids also protect the plant naturally against bacteria and fungi and are nourished by the sugar contained. The lactic acids can thus act longer, which considerably reduces the use of toxic and cost-intensive fungicides and bactericides. But convince yourself of the effect (BLATTWERK is made from amineon, which can also be processed into other products):


Satisfied or money back

When you buy BLATTWERK on Amazon, we offer you full security through a money-back guarantee: If you are not satisfied after 8 weeks and do not notice any improvements in your plants, we will refund the full purchase price against a proof by a before/after photo. We are looking forward to your feedback and to your comments, ratings and photos.